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What Plumbers Say About Smelly Water

Water should taste and smell neutral. When it suddenly gets discolored, smelly, and tastes weird, then there is something wrong with it. Either that matter is due to the water supply or the plumbing fixtures. Either way, homeowners should stay on top of the situation to avoid problems that come with a tainted water supply such as health and wellness issues.   

Smelly water for instance can indicate several possible issues. Apart from trouble from the water supply, it can mean that there is an issue with the water heater, or the home plumbing network itself. The best way to know how to deal with an unpleasant odor in the water supply is by determining where the stench is coming from, and the type of odor detected. Plumbers would usually ask for this information before determining their course of action so the homeowner should get to know the details about the smelly water coming from his faucet or shower. 

Detecting the Source of Smelly Water

Smelly water can either come from the water supplier, the water heater if the home uses a tanked water heater, or it could emanate from the plumbing system. For instance, if the smelly water only occurs on some of the faucets or showers at home, and the odor goes away after running the water for several minutes then it is most likely due to the plumbing system. Somewhere in the pipes or fixtures, the water got smelly. This is usually due to gunk or leaks. 

If for instance, smelly water comes from all of the faucets around the house, and then the smell goes away after running the water for a time, then the odor is due to issues in the home plumbing system. If however the water odor does not go away even after running the water for several minutes, and it occurs on all faucets and showers then the odor is possibly coming from the community water source, or it is due to the plumbing fixtures and home plumbing network.  

Plumber Detects Smelly Water coming from the Water Heater Tank

The water heater is yet another possible culprit that causes mal-odor in the tap water. For instance, if only the hot water seems smelly then the magnesium rod in the hot water tank is the possible reason. But whether the problem is the water heater or the plumbing system, the homeowner should immediately refer the matter to a licensed local plumbing contractor.