Kratom’s immense health benefits when it comes to pain relief and relaxation make new users wonder if it is safe to consume regularly. There are numerous accounts over the internet attesting to its safety. Then there are articles that caution users against daily consumption pending more medical research about Kratom and its benefits.

One of the preferred ways to consume Kratom is by brewing it with a cup of one’s favorite tea.

So what is the real score? Is it safe for regular use? Historically, the answer could be yes. Since the 19th century, Southeast Asians have been using the plant as a source for pain relief, fever suppressant, sexual stimulant, energy booster, and aid from gastric upset. It also provides relaxation for those who experience social distress during their community gatherings. 

Appropriate Dosage for Kratom

The key to safely using Kratom regularly is ensuring the right dosage. Kratom experts say new users should start with the minimum dose possible so as not to risk an overdose. To measure Kratom, it will always be best to use a scale rather than a measuring spoon. Kratom experts say the size of the grounds or pieces of dried leaves can affect the measurement when done through volume. This means a tablespoon of Kratom may contain less Kratom than the expected equivalency in grams. So, to get accurate dosing, always use a scale. 

The usual starting dose is one milligram. The effect usually takes 40 minutes in an empty stomach and an hour or so when taken on a full stomach. If Kratom was incorporated into a dish, a pastry, or gelatin, the results could take longer — an hour or so. For first-timers, it is best to observe results first before pursuing higher doses. Efrain from driving, cooking, or doing something that needs maximum concentration as some users experience drowsiness even with just a small treatment. 

Observe the effect and check if the desired relief is attained. Once attained, stick to the said dosage. If the dosage is not enough to relieve pain or produce calming effects, then the dosage can be increased. Kratom experts advise that dosing be increased by one gram at a time.  

Do the same thing again. Observe the effect of the raised dosage, and refrain from doing activities that will require focus and concentration. Note the results. Do the same process until the desired effect is achieved.

Best Ways to Consume Kratom

Kratom can be ingested in several ways. In its native habitat, the medicinal plant is consumed by chewing the fresh leaves. Back in the 19th century, chewing raw Kratom leaves powered up laborers who work day in and day out under the heat of the tropical sun. As a medicinal herb, its leaves are also dried up and consumed as a tea. 

In the western world, Kratom is ingested like any other herbal supplement. Some have been capsulized, while others prefer to consume it in tea or powdered form. Once the appropriate dosage is determined, Kratom can be made into a tea by incorporating it with other tea mixes. It can also be consumed with coffee or any other beverage like smoothies and milkshakes. For people who like to consume powdered Kratom, chocolate milkshake had been their go-to smoothie because cocoa effectively masks the bitter taste of the ground Kratom leaves.

Some users meanwhile make a paste using powdered Kratom leaves and ingesting it directly. Others just plainly put the powdered Kratom on their mouth and chase it with water. This, however, is not for those who are sensitive to bitter taste. 

Capsulized Kratom, though, is the easiest and most convenient way to consume Kratom regularly. They are easy to bring around, and safe since the intended dosage had been measured beforehand already.

Why Use Kratom Every day?

There are a lot of reasons why a person would think of using Kratom regularly. First, chronic pain sufferers will benefit from regular doses of Kratom because it can help relieve musculoskeletal pain. For those with insomnia, nightly mind wandering can be a thing. And a sedating dose of KIratom can provide the sleep and relaxation that an insomniac’s body badly needs.

People with anxiety who are thinking twice about taking pharmaceutical drugs may find relief in a regular dose of Kratom. Kratom is said to have powerful anxiolytic properties that could help individuals suffering from clinical depression and anxiety.

For individuals wanting an energy boost from their repetitive and physically challenging work, Kratom could be a great daily supplement. The energy boost that is provided by Kratom is complemented by the increase in focus and concentration that it can provide. It is perfect for workers who do manual labor and those who have to be on their feet all day. Night shift workers can also benefit from the raised energy and mental concentration levels. 

Can a person overdose on Kratom?

While Kratom appears to be safe for regular daily use, individuals can still overdose on this plant-based medication. Taking in more doses that one should take may cause drowsiness and even sedation. People should exercise caution when raising their treatments, as it may cause sleepiness. 

For some, a Kratom overdose can cause gastric upset. It is best to always stick to a working dose, and when raising the treatment, increase by a gram at a time. It will also be best to ensure that the Kratom is sourced from a reputable supplier who sells only the purest of Kratom leaves.